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Me write pretty one day

So I haven’t been able to write for shit lately and it is really frustrating me, especially because most of what we need to do right now, is write. I am told practice makes perfect, so my plan is to do that.

We are trying to put together a indiegogo campaign (which is what I’m having trouble writing),  but we are having trouble getting it together. And even once we do, I have no idea how to promote it? What the hell do people do to promote these things? seriously, if you have any advice send it our way (

Anyway, besides my writing woes things are going pretty good, the only thing is there isnt a whole lot of people that I know or hang out with in this town, I get kinda lonely. But that being said, a bunch of my fam is in and coming to town! My sis Jane got into town yesterday, my uncle David and friend Mirra got in the day before that, and my mom and my bro lauden are coming on friday, so it is going to be a really good weekend.

Well this weak, lame little post will have to do for now, because I gotta go and try and write.

Peace, love, and other good things.




The gang minus David

       For the last week I have had so much fun! A whole bunch of my family and friends were in town. My aunt Ann and Catherine just got back to the US, after an adventure in Europe, and stopped here so Cat could get familiar with David’s yacht. My uncles Michael, John, and friend Zara came into town from some yacht town in RI; Michael is on a yacht that is stationed there for the summer; we will see him again. My sister Jane and Mirra came up from NYC, because they both are working for David.

          It was so awesome having so many people I know and love together! We were all having dinner together one night, and I just looked around the room for a few minutes, and felt a deep sense of happiness. It was so nice. I really feel at my best when I am around people I know and who know me. I suppose that this is typical. It really made me happy to see all those guys.

I feel strange sometimes about this journey because community is so important to me- that is one of the main reasons I am doing it, but I am leaving my community in order to do it. I know it is just temporary, but it feels like I am going in a different direction than the community is. I am not really sure what I mean by that. I guess what I am trying to say is, that I felt, and feel, a deep sense of belonging with the people I grew up with, and have lived with all my life, and I feel a little bit like I am moving away from that. It’s been my life so far, all twenty-two years, the people, the place, the ideas. It is hard to move away from that. But I needn’t worry; that belonging I feel won’t go away. Twenty-two years of life doesn’t go away in two years of travel.




I feel a big loss that Mirra is not coming anymore; it would have been easier and more interesting with her. She brought a lot of spirit with her, and I could have used that a lot because I sometimes get depressed, and can’t make any spirit. It is also going to be a different dynamic with two of us, with three you have a bit more to work with, you can toss around ideas and get a group point of view.

I am going to miss Mirra’s point of view; she is always trying to find something interesting and fun. I feel like I am going to forget to have fun and turn this trip into some sort of experiment/research project for a book. Which it is, but I can’t forget that my original interest was that it was going to be SO much fun! When I am down in the dirt and it’s raining, and there is no cars or shelter in sight and can’t think of anything to be happy about, I will try to think what Mirra would say. I will miss her presence; I admire many things about her. Good luck in NYC, Mirra.


new york

We came here Sunday for a birthday party and to see my family, John, Jane, Lauden and Andrew. It has been amazing, the party was awesome! There where all these brazilian dancers and Capoeira ass kickers who played for us.

It is so amazing to be around all these guys again, I always forget how much I miss people until I get next to them. As I am writing this I am in the kitchen with Gwendolyn, Mirra and Andrew, we are all hanging out and talking about what ever, it dosnt matter, just that we are all together. Andrew goes off on a rant once in while, and I feel so happy to be around him again.

I was thinking, what is it about this city that attracts so many people? is it just because its NEW YORK, or is there something else, some attitude, or world view that makes this place one of the worlds hottest cities.

Anyways, it has been fun and I hope to come back some time. But I cant think about next time right now, I need to focus on getting back into some sort of rhythm on the cape.


Inspiration, Money and Falmouth.

Look at that handsome man! But pay no attention to my eyes, the light caught them in a weird way.

We are finally all together in Falmouth, well actually we’ve been all together for a week, but I don’t write as much as I would like. I got a job the day Gwendolyn got here, so I been busy and haven’t had the time.

Anyhoop, we’ve been having trouble finding the inspiration to work on Community Walkabout. It has been rough because I am working all day, and when I get off I am just too tired to focus on much of anything. And, even more disrupting than that, we’ve been separated for a month and are all going through some personal stuff, which makes our collective weaker.  But we are pushing through, and are starting to find some inspiration.

We talked a few days ago about how we are going to raise the money to do this thing.  We decided we didn’t want to get full time jobs and grin and bare it and drudge through. So we are going to get part time jobs, and maybe do some things like sell baked goods (Gwendolyn is a fabulous baker), sell good heart healthy lunches, give guitar lessons (Mirra); we want to stick to our skills. Like a wise man once said “girls only like guys with sweet skills”.

It just seemed so stupid too get full time jobs and work super hard, stress out and be kinda miserable, when we are raising money to investigate and live alternatives to that. Lets just start now, we have our community, we have the want– what else do you need? I say nothing.

Falmouth is a small, cute and New Englandy town, with not very much going on in it. There is a good live music scene supposedly, so that will be fun. There will be a lot more people here after Memorial day weekend, when everyone comes here for the summer. It probably won’t affect us very much because we hang out in the house alot. We can’t afford to go out much; we need to save every penny. So we’ve been cooking alot, gardening, getting use to our new home and house which is also small, cute and New Englandy like.



Me and my baby sister Juliet.

Me and my baby sister Juliet.

I am in Hawai’i!!!!!

Damn, is it amazing here!

This is me and my baby sister; we are hiking through a bamboo jungle on our way to a swimming hole with a waterfall! It was paradise! We swam around, got under the waterfall, dived off some rocks! And hiking through the Bamboo! Damn, that was awesome! I’ve never seen anything like that before. This is the coolest thing I’ve done so far!

I also went snorkeling this morning with my uncle John, in probably the best place on Maui! (sorry no pics) But it was awesome!  We saw all kinds of colorful fish, a very creepy dangerous Eel, a Squid which John startled by accident, it got scared and spat up a bunch of ink! There were so many fish, it was amazing!

I am on vacation (with all of this!) and I still find myself thinking all the time, about what this or that community is like, what kind of job am I going to


get in Falmouth? How big our tent should be? Anything, and everything having to do with our walkabout.

Also I am thinking of my friends, Mirra and Gwendolyn mostly, but all the others too.

I recently got in touch with an old friend, we haven’t talked in five years or so. He called me up because he heard about what I am doing, communitywalkabout. He was super supportive! And he is thinking of starting a community! That was pretty awesome to hear! He also encouraged us to do fund raising with (look it up it’s cool). We were already considering it, but he pushed the idea through, so we will let you know when our video is done! He also invited us to stay with him, which will be great!

Mostly it was awesome to get so much encouragement!


It’s Monday morning, last Tuesday Mirra left, the next day my sister Katie left with her family, I cleaned my house and packed the following two days and then said good bye to Conner James Sam and Cirrus, followed by Saori and Gwendolyn yesterday. I am exhausted. I am taking off Wednesday with 11 others to Hawaii, we’re taking the kids to get some sun for ten days. I will say good bye to them there, and spend another ten days in Hawaii with my friends Hannah, Andrew and there two kids Nathan and Adresa. Then I am off to Falmouth to meet up with Gwendolyn and Mirra.

When we get to Falmouth we are going to be pretty busy trying to find jobs,  planning our trip and contacting communities, and I want to slip in a trip to Maine to pick some seaweed, and a trip to NYC to see my brothers/sister John, Lauden and Jane, and my friend Andrew. There never seems to be enough time in my day anymore, speaking of which I gotta do more packing.