I’ve been back for almost a week (hard to believe) and life is amazing. Ionia has gone through a lot of changes since I left; the place is amok with wwoofers, visitors, and, of course, old friends. When I was last in Ionia it was the very end of the winter; winter here is a time of reflection and contemplation while summer is a time of activity. The garden is over flowing, the woods are full of wild berries and everyone would be enjoying the summer weather if it hadn’t been raining most of the time.

Really amazing is the fact that I’ve met a number of other people who are interested in intentional communities. Irene, for example, is a girl from Belgium who is on a quest very much like mine, Hannah has lived in a number of intentional communities including one of the ones I’m planning on visiting, and other people are thinking of starting their own. I never expected to find the people I wanted to meet in the place I went back to– I wonder if I could have started my trip better by just staying in the same place.

My relationship to Ionia will necessarily be different to all the other communities I will visit. I will be able to see the flaws of this place better, but I will also be able to see the benefits. Above all, Ionia is full of people who I love, things I love and ideas I love. I don’t know if it is livable for me, though. It seems a hard thing to figure out. I was very content living hee, but contentment can be a trap. Motion is important, passion is important and striving is important and I don’t know how well I can achive those things living here.

But then all of my interlocutions remind me that I have to remember how recently my life has changed, and how dramatically, and these things, no matter how you think they’re not affecting you, do. I am not in a place to make choices; I am in a place to reflect, to observe and to learn. Irene says ‘relax and let the universe provide for you’. I thik she is a lot braver than I will ever be, but I will try. Three more weeks in Ionia and they will go by so quickly.

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