And then there was one

After a great deal of deliberation, and though it breaks my heart, Alex and I have decided to go our separate ways. He’s going north to participate in the Beehive Summer Work Party and I’m going back to Ionia for a month.

I wrote a whole post about this before (it got deleted) and find my words have already been used up. I’m very sad about this; Alex has been my friend and roommate for the last six months, excepting the month he spent in Hawaii, and there has hardly been a day in that time when I haven’t spent all or part of the day with him. I have come to depend on him in so many ways, that I feel like his loss will be an amputation. But a part of me feels like this is right, and I’m very happy to be going back to Ionia.

Community Walkabout isn’t dead; it’s just divided. Alex is still planning on pursuing it as he tries to figure out his dreams and I am planning on going to Dancing Rabbit after my month in Ionia, and hopefully from there to Sandhill, Twin Oaks and Koinonia. How I am going to travel without Alex I don’t know. I’ll probably just break down and take the bus.

Change is a good thing. Relationships change and plans change and people change and all these things change to give us room and motivation to grow. There have been so many things in my life I have wanted so badly that I am glad now I didn’t get because if I did I wouldn’t be who I am now, where I am now, and this is just another of those things.

So I’m going to keep up posting, and I’ve invited Alex to post, but judging by his response (‘I guess… maybe’) I doubt he will.


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