Me write pretty one day

So I haven’t been able to write for shit lately and it is really frustrating me, especially because most of what we need to do right now, is write. I am told practice makes perfect, so my plan is to do that.

We are trying to put together a indiegogo campaign (which is what I’m having trouble writing),  but we are having trouble getting it together. And even once we do, I have no idea how to promote it? What the hell do people do to promote these things? seriously, if you have any advice send it our way (

Anyway, besides my writing woes things are going pretty good, the only thing is there isnt a whole lot of people that I know or hang out with in this town, I get kinda lonely. But that being said, a bunch of my fam is in and coming to town! My sis Jane got into town yesterday, my uncle David and friend Mirra got in the day before that, and my mom and my bro lauden are coming on friday, so it is going to be a really good weekend.

Well this weak, lame little post will have to do for now, because I gotta go and try and write.

Peace, love, and other good things.


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