A little bit and dinner

So I got my new glasses, which was awesome because suddenly the world is light again (although it will take a little while to adjust to the new lenses), and to celebrate (or actually just coincidentally) we went down to Provincetown to see a drag show with Mirra. It was great doing something with her again– we get along so well– and we had a lovely (though long) drive to P-Town, walked around for a while, ate our picnic lunch, walked around for another while, waited at the door for an hour so we could get good seats, waited in the performance hall for an hour and you’ll know it was a good show when I say it was worth it. Although there was a little too much penis for my likin’. Some of the acts were awesome some were weird and some were somehow awesome and weird. We got back home a little after two and up at ten (which is five hours after we usually get up) so today was a little slow.

Today we started really digging into thinking about our IndieGoGo campaign, cooked, of course, and then took a bike ride. We’re just about to watch Firefly and eat popcorn (olive oil and salt… mmmm) but before I go I thought maybe I’d tell you about one of the meals we made today. We’re incredibly food-focused people (you have to be to spend an hour cooking every meal), and since it’s such a big deal to us, maybe it’d be interesting to you. So here goes;


Squash sauteed with olive oil and soyu

Refried turtle beans with leftover chili and mezuna


Reheated brown rice.


I love cooking with leftovers; it makes the question ‘what am I going to make’ so much more simple. My mom made a vegetarian chili a few days ago which was just too hot for me (I don’t like my food being too hot because I think it ruins the taste of it). So, to use the chili but to tame it a little I cooked a pot of beans, smooshed them, fried them a little bit and then mixed in the chili, cooked it a little to merge the flavors and then added the mezuna until it was wilted. It would have been really good except I was a little impatient and didn’t cook the beans long enough. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a stew out of it. Leftovers of leftovers. Mmmmm…


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