The gang minus David

       For the last week I have had so much fun! A whole bunch of my family and friends were in town. My aunt Ann and Catherine just got back to the US, after an adventure in Europe, and stopped here so Cat could get familiar with David’s yacht. My uncles Michael, John, and friend Zara came into town from some yacht town in RI; Michael is on a yacht that is stationed there for the summer; we will see him again. My sister Jane and Mirra came up from NYC, because they both are working for David.

          It was so awesome having so many people I know and love together! We were all having dinner together one night, and I just looked around the room for a few minutes, and felt a deep sense of happiness. It was so nice. I really feel at my best when I am around people I know and who know me. I suppose that this is typical. It really made me happy to see all those guys.

I feel strange sometimes about this journey because community is so important to me- that is one of the main reasons I am doing it, but I am leaving my community in order to do it. I know it is just temporary, but it feels like I am going in a different direction than the community is. I am not really sure what I mean by that. I guess what I am trying to say is, that I felt, and feel, a deep sense of belonging with the people I grew up with, and have lived with all my life, and I feel a little bit like I am moving away from that. It’s been my life so far, all twenty-two years, the people, the place, the ideas. It is hard to move away from that. But I needn’t worry; that belonging I feel won’t go away. Twenty-two years of life doesn’t go away in two years of travel.




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  1. Posted by Bill Johnson on June 14, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I am moved by this Alex. Very. This feeling you are communicating of the tearing between being separate and being together I think everybody feels all the time no matter what they are doing. You happen to be acutely aware of it (and nicely communicated it).

    For me, that is the reason to take chances, to stretch beyond the normal, like you are doing: It puts one under pressure and creates awareness. It is more interesting, I think, to lead a constantly out-of-balance life that forces one to be aware, than to be playing it safe and be relatively unaware.

    Thanks for reporting. Bill


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