I feel a big loss that Mirra is not coming anymore; it would have been easier and more interesting with her. She brought a lot of spirit with her, and I could have used that a lot because I sometimes get depressed, and can’t make any spirit. It is also going to be a different dynamic with two of us, with three you have a bit more to work with, you can toss around ideas and get a group point of view.

I am going to miss Mirra’s point of view; she is always trying to find something interesting and fun. I feel like I am going to forget to have fun and turn this trip into some sort of experiment/research project for a book. Which it is, but I can’t forget that my original interest was that it was going to be SO much fun! When I am down in the dirt and it’s raining, and there is no cars or shelter in sight and can’t think of anything to be happy about, I will try to think what Mirra would say. I will miss her presence; I admire many things about her. Good luck in NYC, Mirra.



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  1. Posted by mirra kohlmoos on June 3, 2011 at 9:34 am

    my hart broke when i red this Alex, or did it overflow. my eyes did at any rate. both i guess. i will always be reading this and following the both of you ware ever you go. i can’t even describe the thoughts in my head right now.
    tons and tons of love,


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