new york

We came here Sunday for a birthday party and to see my family, John, Jane, Lauden and Andrew. It has been amazing, the party was awesome! There where all these brazilian dancers and Capoeira ass kickers who played for us.

It is so amazing to be around all these guys again, I always forget how much I miss people until I get next to them. As I am writing this I am in the kitchen with Gwendolyn, Mirra and Andrew, we are all hanging out and talking about what ever, it dosnt matter, just that we are all together. Andrew goes off on a rant once in while, and I feel so happy to be around him again.

I was thinking, what is it about this city that attracts so many people? is it just because its NEW YORK, or is there something else, some attitude, or world view that makes this place one of the worlds hottest cities.

Anyways, it has been fun and I hope to come back some time. But I cant think about next time right now, I need to focus on getting back into some sort of rhythm on the cape.



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