Yesterday, at the beach

I just made breakfast and took Alex to work. Mirra and John, Alex’s eldest brother, are sleeping upstairs and I’m talking to Connor, Alex’s younger brother- who’s in India right now- on Facebook.  Last night we made dinner at David’s- Alex’s uncle- apartment, with John- who is visiting for a few days- Alex’s sister, Jane, Alex’s uncle, Josie, David, Bill, one of the Ionian elders, who is on the Cape visiting his parents, and his daughter, Erin, and some other friends.

It was pretty awesome; David gave us his credit card and Mirra and I went to the grocery store and loaded our cart with tons of vegetables (for us, special treats are expensive fruits and vegetables; I love being macrobiotic) and four of us cooked, all making different dishes. I made guacamole and strawberry sauce for dessert (over coconut ice cream). It was a little annoying because David, who doesn’t want to think of himself settling in his apartment hasn’t gotten any good cooking things and so we didn’t have enough knives or bowls or pots or anything, really. Mirra and I took turns using a knife, which didn’t really work, since all either of us had to do was cut things.

And then David and his crew- they’re working on getting the yacht he’s captain of ship-shape- came trouping in, with Bill and Erin and Brian, one of Jane’s friends- and we ate enormous amounts of burritos with seitan and salad and beans a guacamole and colored peppers, and then we lay around, playing music and talking and it was wonderful, seeing all these people, especially Bill, because I didn’t think of missing him, because I didn’t think of missing the Ionians who aren’t my particular friends or people I hung out with, but I realize that I do, that everyone there were part of the tapestry of my life and one strand missing changes the whole pattern.

Our whole yesterday was great; waking up with Alex, and making and having breakfast with him- no matter how much time I spend with him I never get sick of him, which is possibly the highest compliment I could give someone (and something I realized when we were living in the Eller house at Ionia and spending all our time together), then going and picking John and Mirra up (they’d stayed out late drinking and slept over at David’s, which is in town), then we went to the beach, and then home for lunch, then watercressing, then to David’s to cook dinner.

“I had the best day, today,” John told everyone.

I have the best life, because every day is like that. Cooking, gardening, cleaning, picking wild foods for our meals (more about that later), planning our trip, playing music, in this beautiful, beautiful place. Every morning I wake up in the arms of people I love, and every night I go to sleep knowing I’m loved and it seems surreal because life isn’t supposed to be this good. Even the hard things are good. I’m sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.


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