Coming Home

A week into my FEMA deployment I decided I had had enough. There’s no point in being miserable. So I came home.

My emotions vacillated. I was happy I was coming home, sad I was leaving Alabama. Excited to see Alex and Mirra, nervous about what we had ahead of us; finding jobs, getting organized, settling into the business of living.

I arrived in Boston Sunday night (my plane had been delayed for over two hours for unexplained reasons) to find Mirra and my mom waiting for me. Then the long drive from Boston to Falmouth (69 miles, I have reason to know). And I got out of the car, got my luggage and was trying to force my suitcase through the door when Alex pounced on me. Really, he could have better timing.

I guess I’d been really nervous and excited about seeing him- we’d been such good friends and roommates in Ionia, but I hadn’t seen him in four weeks and even though we’d talked on the phone, our conversations had been stilted and awkward, you know how they are when you want to talk to someone but can’t think of anything to say. But when we saw each other it was just… perfect. I’d missed having him around so much.

And now we’re here. We’re still trying to put ourselves back together. Our separation knocked our project to pieces more than we expected, and we’re so busy trying to find jobs, and working (Alex started work on Monday- he’s a painter’s assistant), gardening, straightening things out and, of course, cooking, that we’ve had no time for communitywalkabout, which is the reason we’re all together, after all. Finally, last night, we looked online at communities– we found an awesome Quaker one in New York State that looked really cool and really welcoming– and I think that sparked us a little bit.

I’m not sure we can have full-time jobs and still do they work we need to do on communitywalkabout. I think we’re going to discover that soon. If it came down to making a choice, I know what we would choose.

We’re planning on starting a kick-starter campaign, but the problem is we don’t know how to do videos, so if anyone knows and would like to help us, we’d really appreciate it.


Our room; Alex's chest, my grandfather's flag and Mirra's guitar-in the laundry basket


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