coming together?

i woke this morning hearing spring birds singing and chirping outside. the window was open and cool fresh air filed the room. i was so cozy and worm under the covers next to Gwendolyn. it seems so natural but unreal at the same time that i am here. it feels epic but i guess everyone feels that way when something is happening to one for the first time. it’s already happening differently then we planned. but, that’s how it goes. i like it. i knew it would be like that and it’s exciting to start adjusting to adjusting. it’s great.

so we got up, had breakfast and went to drop Gwendolyn off at the airport. the airport?! were the three of us not all gathering here to spend the summer together and work? well, Gwendolyn got called by FEMA to go help with the tornado disaster in Alabama. so, she’s gone for at least a week and I’m here for two days before Alex comes. we thought Alex may not be getting here for another two weeks and that is why Gwendolyn said yes to the FEMA people; since we were not all going to be together. ah, what a whirl wind of change.
we got to see each other for a bit at least. I miss her again.

i love our room and this house, it is so beautiful and fabulous and fun! all i need now is to start feeling like I’m here. since i was in Boston I’ve felt like I’m dreaming. when will this all feel real! I’m insanely happy and care free. (though i do have cares.) it must be spring and the spring of an adventure in the spring of ower lives. Shesh-cabeesh, it’s all so springy!



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