Here I am

so, here i am after three weeks. i was visiting my home in WI, and being very busy trying not to be too lonely. it was a shock to go from community life to basically just me. i found myself calling my Ionian family all the time in order not to loose myself in depression. i noticed how little people touch each other out here. there’s no one i can throw my arms around, no one to go sit next to and talk to. then again, my home in WI is very secluded; a converted log barn in twenty acres of wisconsin swamp and woods.

i had decided before i went home that i would get some violin lessons and see how much i could learn in three weeks while practicing the way i thought people should practice. you know- an hour or two a day, attention to technique, going over the hard spot in a song instead of going back and playing the whole thing again, practicing slowly, etc. it all went really well, but i realized i was falling in love with violin. so now i have to find a violin to play. (oh, the pain and misery of life.)

i’m visiting my sister Arhia in Boston until friday afternoon. she took me on an adventure out and i was well amazed and inspired. i was looking around so much i think that every time we went to cross a street i either was left behind, while goggling at the buildings, or i charged into the street and back again, while goggling at the buildings or flowers or people or pigeons or statues or whatever the heck. but it was all fun. even getting psychologically and socially confused into giving away five bucks was interesting. later some girls gave us free drinks they were promoting. what goes around comes around.

i continue to feel like i’ve gotten into someone else’s life.
how am i here and so happy!
this friday i head to Falmouth to start my summer with Gwendolyn and Alex.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! i’m the luckiest person ever!



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