Me and my baby sister Juliet.

Me and my baby sister Juliet.

I am in Hawai’i!!!!!

Damn, is it amazing here!

This is me and my baby sister; we are hiking through a bamboo jungle on our way to a swimming hole with a waterfall! It was paradise! We swam around, got under the waterfall, dived off some rocks! And hiking through the Bamboo! Damn, that was awesome! I’ve never seen anything like that before. This is the coolest thing I’ve done so far!

I also went snorkeling this morning with my uncle John, in probably the best place on Maui! (sorry no pics) But it was awesome!  We saw all kinds of colorful fish, a very creepy dangerous Eel, a Squid which John startled by accident, it got scared and spat up a bunch of ink! There were so many fish, it was amazing!

I am on vacation (with all of this!) and I still find myself thinking all the time, about what this or that community is like, what kind of job am I going to


get in Falmouth? How big our tent should be? Anything, and everything having to do with our walkabout.

Also I am thinking of my friends, Mirra and Gwendolyn mostly, but all the others too.

I recently got in touch with an old friend, we haven’t talked in five years or so. He called me up because he heard about what I am doing, communitywalkabout. He was super supportive! And he is thinking of starting a community! That was pretty awesome to hear! He also encouraged us to do fund raising with  kickstarter.com (look it up it’s cool). We were already considering it, but he pushed the idea through, so we will let you know when our video is done! He also invited us to stay with him, which will be great!

Mostly it was awesome to get so much encouragement!



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