Goodbyes (part 3)

This is getting old, I know. I should have done like Mirra did and just left before everyone else. But I didn’t and now you’re just going to have to keep reading all about it.

Four goodbyes that were hard; Connor hugged me for a quarter of an hour and then made me promise to call him on June 12th. If I forget he’ll never talk to me again.

Alex and I cleaned the house. Leaving the house was the most unexpected goodbye. I sat there, forlorn, while he finished sweeping the floor. I loved living there so much- I guess it was the closest I’ve ever come to having my own household. Someday I’ll live my house dreams.

The kids left, not quite understanding I wouldn’t be there when they got back.

And Alex.

And now here I am in the too-empty Longhouse trying to figure out what to do, making lists in my head and wondering if I could ever manage to pack as light as Alex. I have ten days and right now that seems like a gaping emptiness, though I’m sure I’ll get through them soon.

In other news, our applications to Dancing Rabbit are in, Koinonia is happy to have us and we’ve got a schedule that sees us through Thanksgiving, which seems kind of incredible.

Now I’m going to wander around with a lost look on my face,



2 responses to this post.

  1. It looks like you’ll be about 3 hours due south of me! I have an extra room with a twin bed. Also a very short couch and a recliner in the livingroom if you want to stop here on your way to Americus. I might even be persuaded to give you a ride the rest of the way! I’m so excited about this project of yours. I’d have loved to have done this kind of thing at your ages. But I was busy doing the Ozzie & Harriet thing back then.


  2. Oops – misunderstood now that I’m reading back through the comments. I got excited thinking you were coming to Koinonia in Americus GA first. 🙂


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