Dreams and Cake!

Mine and Gwendolyns Cake

So I’ve been sick for five days now, and from day one I was dreaming about Carob Almond Cake! Finally I got my wish! I broke down last night and decided I would not be sick today, (if only it worked like that, right?) I hope the cake doesn’t keep me sick for another five days.

Yesterday, I got a huge wave of panic/depression because I’m leaving my home in a little bit, always a scary and sad prospect. It started when me, my sister Katie and my Mom were talking about what was going to happen with the house that I live in, the same one that my siblings and I grew up in.  I realized I was going to say goodbye to it and I don’t know when I will see it again, and then I realized the same was true for my family and community. So sad. I needed to get out of this sad train of thought, so I started looking at intentional communities with Gwendolyn and Mirra. As we were reading about them I tried to imagine each one and what it would be like. How do they deal with money? What do they do for food? How do they handle children and schooling? Etc, etc, etc. Then I started to get really excited! I get to see all these REALLY different ways in which communities handle these things! I get to see this huge and beautiful country! Meet tons of new people! It is truly a dream come true!



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