Sickness, soup and stuff.

It’s been a rough few days. First Alex got sick- some sort of congestion-cough-laryngitis-lung thing- and then I did, of course, because we live together and spend so much time together. So we’ve spent the last few days hanging out and not doing much (well, I have; Alex did firewood for the house, which was a bad idea because it made him sicker but a good idea because we’re warmer, at least). Alex has also been cooking for us, because he thinks that the Longhouse meals are bad for his condition (too much oil, not enough soft rice). The upside? I had no idea he was such a good cook. He makes these amazing soups and even his soft rice (not my favorite food) is appealing. I keep half-heartedly volunteering to cook for us and am always happy when he says he wants to. (I do have my upsides; I’m a pretty good baker.)

In other news we’ve heard back from two communities, both positive, and we’re slogging through the lists of intentional communities on (1882 in the US). We’ve decided to focus mainly on village-type communities, though there have been others that have caught our eye. Only nine or so days until Mirra leaves- she’s really sad about leaving Ionia and all her (or most of her) friends behind. And those nine days are going to be packed- there are still things we have to do together, plus Ionia is hosting an intensive, five day macrobiotic course in a few days, plus all the treats we’ve been wanting to make but haven’t been able to because of being sick. (Pancakes and cake, mainly.) And packing.

And I just bought my plane-ticket. I’m leaving for Boston on the twenty-fourth; I’m going to arrive about a week earlier than the others so I can rearrange the room we’re going to be staying in (I left a lot of junk there) and so I can spend some quality time with my mom. And, of course, start looking for jobs. I’m going to be sad about leaving too, I think, once it really hits. Right now I’m really carried away in this project and so many other people are leaving Ionia before me. But it’s not just the people; it’s the place and the ethics, and the way it surrounds you. And the little house Alex and I have been living in for almost three months, and the fact that you can look outside and watch a moose wandering past, and two amazingly good meals cooked everyday, and folkdancing, and full moon, and the little children, and the homemade clothes and everything. I’m definitely going to be a little bit heartbroken about leaving.

But I always am. I’ve started to think that when you leave little bits of your heart behind you then it actually gets bigger.



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