New Communities

i can’t believe how many communities there are! i had no idea until we started looking at there are a thousand or so intentional communities in the states alone. i guess a lot of them are just getting started or not even formed yet, but still, we are finding out that we have to be very picky about the ones we choose to visit. every day in our searching we find at least one gem of a community. today we were searching Georgia and found Koinonia which is not only 70 years old but also founded Habitat For Humanity. it seems like it’s been through some very real things in its lifetime.  and we thought it was cool that its name was so similar to Ionia, the community we live in now.

we sent letters to six communities today asking about visiting which feels like an accomplishment, although, considering the vast amount of communities we are and will be wanting to contact, it is only a little ding in the work we will be doing. we also started a map of communities and resources. it’s going to be quite a challenge to make some kind of plan of travel what with all the timing between when the communities can have us, which ones we want to be at for harvest, and where we are in the country at any given time.  maps and calenders… lists of communities, lists of  things to do… Gwendolyn and Alex. these are the things that surround me in my life now.



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