Yesterday and today

I feel so busy everyday- I made a steamed ginger cake yesterday morning, with Mirra. It’s an incredibly good cake, all thick and gooey, although I didn’t have as much powdered ginger as I ususally put in. I think steaming really helps with the gooeyness. It’s supposed to be better for you because it’s not as yang-izing or something. The truth is I think I don’t really understand macrobiotics. But don’t tell anyone.

I cooked dinner with Claire and Phyia which was fun, although we started too late and then didn’t think we had enough food and then served too many plates. In between we wrote a letter to the FIC about attending their conference and after dinner we looked at communes online. That was really inspiring; I think I’m most drawn to communes, partly because I think the commune structure will have the most room for our visits, partly because I think if we ever started a community it would be a commune. Maybe we’re so used to being in Ionia, but it seems so natural to share everything with the people you care about. Maybe when I get to know the communities I’ll have new ideas about that. That’s why I’m going after all.

But we’re still in Ionia and it’s deep clean day today at the longhouse. Then I’m cooking lunch for Alex and Mirra- spring pasta, I think- and then we’re off to the Kenai Resilience potluck.



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