Recent thoughts

I’ve been processing the reality of this journey. Last night  I took a nap and woke up with every little worry magnified in a tight knot in my stomach. The next day I spoke to Gwendolyn and Alex about it and found I had only caught up to them about the trip. The great thing was that we all still felt as dedicated as ever, if not more. Everyday we come together just to pour over maps and lists and to plan and brainstorm. Tonight is quiet though; I am writing this, Alex is on the floor looking at a map of the United States and Gwendolyn is composing a song on the ukulele. There’s a fire burning in the Tempcast and half a loaf of  ginger cake on the counter that has slowly been disappearing.

With our current plan of action, I have only three weeks left here at Ionia, my home for the last year. As practically everyone knows, it is when one leaves their friends that they truly begin to know how important they are in one’s life.



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