Beginning Community Walkabout

So the idea is still pretty new, but we’re totally commited to it. I guess it might not make as much sense to other people as it does to us. For us- Mirra and I anyway; I don’t remember talking about this with Alex- it came as a sudden certainty. Until we came up with it our lives were a noisy jumble of ideas and possibilites that we weren’t really all that interested in. But this- once we had talked about it and began to plan for it- it appeared so clear and obvious. Of course we would do this. Of course it was the right idea. We’re going to have to do a thousand things for this and none of them seem like work. Suddenly things we wouldn’t be interested in doing at all seemed worthwhile and easy. Even talking to strangers- never my strong suit- seems exciting if I can talk to them about this. It’s like a whole new world of possibilities- ones we actually want- have opened up to us.

We’re just beginning to tell people about this. We haven’t even told our moms. We’re kind of afraid, actually, of telling our moms. Our moms aren’t going to be happy. They’re going to be scared for us and worried about us and we’ve bandied about the idea of just not telling them about the hitchiking, but they’d find out eventually and that would be worse. The hitchiking seems like an integral part of this somehow. I’m not sure why; it just does.

So if you’re reading this, you’re either part of the priveledged few, or you’re a stranger who just happened to come across our page and started reading. Thanks, by the way. Hopefully we’ll be entertaining enough to make it worth your while.



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  1. Posted by Sarah A on March 20, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Hey Gwen let me know if you guys plan to go through (or near) Southern Wyoming! I’d love to see you and introduce you to my family. 🙂


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